Alternative program to T6config.exe written by Flysky T6 users

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6 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio available at:

Alternative 1:
There is a $2 donation to register the software.
You can download a demo version

Alternative 2:
Charles Conklin's T6 configuration .Net application
Support Thread for Charles Conklin's app

Alternative 3:
(note: I could not get this to run on Win7)
Download Software Zip file
Download ATEASY (required to be installed before running the Alternate software)

Mac OSX Alternative
Dave Mitchell's Turborix Configurator program
Support Thread

NOTE: No support for this software is offered by Xheli, Nitroplane, Hobbypartz or any other vendor that carries the product. This software is provided AS IS by the writer of the software.
To use this software, you must STILL download and install the USB to Com port driver for the cable
Here is the latest USB device driver

For questions on the software, visit the RCGROUPS thread on this radio CLICK HERE FOR RCG THREAD
  1. Download and Extract the software to a folder
  2. Download ATEasy and install (you will not run AtEasy, the Turborix software requires AT Easy to be installed prior to running (it uses AT as a software library).
  3. Find the folder where you extracted the software to and run turborix.exe
  4. Note that the setup files will be located in the subfoler called "Setups".
  5. There is a GenericCCPM.set file there that can be used for generic 450 setups. Follow my Basic CCPM setup to adjust the servo reversing and SWASH AFR settings for your particular Helicopter.
  6. If you already have the Tx setup, save your setup to a file before editing it.

Basic operaion of Turborix
  1. Double click Turborix.exe
  2. Under the Transmitter section, select COMMPORT
  3. Select the COMMPORT of your T6 cable
  4. Select GET to get the current configuration of the Trasnmitter.
  5. Make Changes then SAVE the changes.
  6. Select PUT to output any changes to the Transmitter.
Other info:
Note that there is an IMPORT feature to import T6config files if you have saved those.
Unlike T6config, the software does NOT save the data to the Tx when you Open data from a FILE, you must select the PUT button to transfer the file data.
Unlike T6config, you can run turborix and open a file, view it's settings and edit it without being connected to a Transmitter.